Lose Weight Fast with HCG Diet Drops

How to Lose Weight Super Fast … and keep it off

Fast-weight- lossHave you been disheartened by successfully going through the pain of a dieting program only to find that you put back the weight shortly after you have completed the program?

Or maybe you followed a program which required you to cut down on your food intake and at the same time increase your exercise? But maybe you feel that you failed because you were not able to do enough exercise? Or maybe your time commitments or health issues prevented you from doing more exercise?

Don’t worry – you may not be to blame!

Traditional Diets – Weight loss often does not mean fat loss.

There are a myriad of weight loss plans, however they are all variations of the same theme: cut down your calories or food intake and increase exercise. We have all heard the latest weight control fads – but they still sing from the same hymn sheet.

Worse, rarely do they offer lasting weight loss!

Initial weight loss is often the result of a reduction of fluid retention in the body, which unfortunately quickly accumulates back when the diet finishes.

A more toned body with tighter muscles may be the result of the extra exercise – but this can quickly go back to its previous state when the exercise stops!

The key dilemma with most traditional weight loss programs is that it requires the diet / exercise regime to continue long term at some level. They do not prepare the body for maintenance – hence the benefits from the diet quickly disappear after the diet ends.

Enter – the hCG Diet – re-calibrating the body’s metabolism for less fat storage.

The key advantage of the hCG diet is that besides providing rapid weight loss, it also resets your body’s metabolism at a higher level so that it more efficiently deals with the intake of calories and fat.

During the diet, hCG targets the fat build-up in those stubborn areas – around the belly, thighs, upper-arms – where other diets are simply unable to have any effect.

HCG is a glycoprotein-molecule; it is a hormone-like substance, but not a hormone. It causes the body’s metabolism to perform at optimum levels thus drawing on the reserves of fat reserves that have been accumulating in the body.

HCG Success StoriesWhen you are on a low-calorie diet, hCG kicks-in and attempts to make-up for the shortfall in calorie by sending signals to the body to draw on the fat reserves stored (yes, those stubborn fat reserves that do not otherwise move!) and convert these into energy – approx. 3000 kcal a day!

HCG does not attack structural fat or muscle mass. You therefore quickly regain an attractive figure, flatter belly, smaller hips and thighs whilst fat deposits here melt away. There are no side-effects from this homeopathic HCG.

Normally when eating a 500 calorie diet, an individual would lose muscle tissue as a result of inadequate calorie intake. The body would preserve and protect body fat and break down muscle tissue for survival reasons.

But when HCG is present it tricks the body to start accessing body fat stores for energy rather than muscle tissue. It will also decrease the appetite so you do not feel like eating a lot and it reduces those hunger pains –although in the first few days, whilst the body is adjusting, some hunger pains will develop.

However a daily measure of your weight will help you overcome these initial symptoms, because you start seeing the reduction in weight from Day1 – how motivating is that!

The hCG Diet Program

The basic program involves:

Phase 1: A 2-day ‘loading period’
On these two days, you can, and must, eat and drink anything you want. Sausages, Ice cream, cake, bread, cream, the more fat, the better. This is necessary to avoid problems once you start with the low-calorie phase as your body will still make use of these reserves.

Enjoy these two days! Remember, you must start using the HCG product after these two days.

Phase 2: The Diet Phase (minimum 21 days):

2 squirts under the tongue 4 times a day. Wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking. (They may sting for a few seconds). Proceed with application in accordance to the manufacturer.

Start your 500-calorie per day diet! – and maintain this for at least 21 days.

Note – some people cheat and prefer to just go down to 600 – 700 calories per day. Those’s OK, but just accept that you will not lose as much weight – however do maintain your nutritional supplements alongside your HCG drops, and weigh yourself everyday.

Remember, this ‘Diet Phase’ re-calibrates your body’s metabolic level, so it would be advisable not to break your diet during this important time.

Once you have finished your diet (minimum 21 days) stay within the 500 – 700 kcal diet for 48 hours, i.e. 2 more days. Don’t use anymore HCG. Keep taking the supplements. IMPORTANT!

After those 2 days, check your weight and make a note of it. – This is your new ‘Set-Point’ – the weight you should keep during the next 3 weeks, the Stabilisation Phase – plus or minus 1 kg.

Women lose around 7 kg and men 14 kg in a 30-day diet phase.

Phase 3: Stabilisation Phase (21 days)

This is important as your new Set-Point has been established. You should not be using the HCG drops and the body will need more energy from food. So start returning to a ‘normal diet’ – stop eating reduced fat and low calorie products. It is advisable to have a diet with high amounts of protein and healthy fats. You can even treat yourself with a glass of red wine or a carbohydrate reduced beer with your meal (reduce alcohol as it contains sugar!).

Avoid anything from flour( i.e. bread. cake, cookies), sugar, processed foods, potatoes, rice, noodles.

Phase 4: Testing Phase

This phase “tests” whether you stay at your new weight or gain weight again.

Slowly start adding more products into your diet. Start with adding more vegetables, also those that have more carbohydrates and starch. Add fruits, legumes, seeds, nuts, and some types of bread

Good News

So the good news is that the actual program is relatively short – and offers more flexibility than is initially obvious:

– At minimum, keep with the initial 21 days of diet. Weight yourself at the start and everyday – it helps you create a routine and weigh yourself in the morning before your day starts. Keep a record of your daily weight progress – you cannot imagine what a boost this will give you.

– Whilst the diet protocol urges strict adherence, you can cheat a little bit – but just be prepared for the weight loss not to be as dramatic as otherwise.

But there are 2 things that you must not compromise:

1. Only use quality hCG drops, as available here.

2. Do not start your diet without first starting and accompanying the diet with a quality daily nutritional supplement like the Lifeplus supplements available here.

Remember, whilst hCG will draw on your body’s fat reserves and help you to maintain energy levels whist losing weight rapidly, your body also needs to maintain a good intake of basic nutrients which it can get from quality supplements.

Final advice – you should not start dieting during pregnancy, and if you are under any medication, consult your medical adviser before starting this or any other diet.