The Fast Metabolism Diet – Secret of the Rich and Famous

By | January 3, 2016

Traditional diets versus the Fast Metabolism Diet?

Every season there appears to be a new fad for weight loss, yet one diet program – the Fast Metabolism Diet – that aims simply to help the body to lose weight by increasing the body’s metabolism has been around for over 50 years.

Traditional diets focus in varying degrees on essentially just two issues – eat less and exercise. And whilst this leads to degrees of success during the diet period, everyone knows that when the diet stops, the weight just piles back on! This is where the fast metabolism diet offers a unique and sustaining solution.

This metabolic diet is not new, but until relatively recently, it has only been available to the rich and famous through exclusive clinics charging exorbitant prices. This is the secret of the slim and beautiful on how you can stay fit and well-proportioned or how you can get back your figure in a short time.

Again and again, the same question is constantly asked, whether it be in glossy magazines or TV programmes:

Renée Zellweger

Renée Zellweger in “Bridget Jones” and a few weeks later on the red carpet.

How is it possible that American actress Renée Zellweger can walk the red carpet with a model figure just a short time after filming the “Bridget Jones” movies in which she plays the part of a chubby girl?

Or how come celebrities, like Heidi Klum or Catherine Zeta-Jones can show off goddess-like curves in figure-hugging evening gowns with no signs of spare tyres left over from their pregnancies, just a few weeks after giving birth?

How was it that in the 1990´s Hollywood diva, Liz Taylor, was able to flaunt herself in a size 6 dress at her glamourous wedding to Larry Fortensky even though, just a few weeks earlier, she was squeezing herself into a size 12?

For more than half a century THE diet panacea was only spread by word of mouth in the world of VIP´s. Discretion was – and still is – top priority for doctors and private clinics, which provide this top weight loss programme.

Furthermore, this diet secret cost a fortune! Stars and celebrities had to splash out thousands in order to reach their dream weight in a few weeks or to keep the kilos at bay.

All this will be a thing of the past.

“The Diet” is HCG, also known as the Metabolic Diet and was previously only available in injection form which helped to sustain its exclusivity as it was administered through doctors and specialist clinics. However in recent times oral drops have been developed and this has helped to bring “the diet” to the masses.

The concept behind this diet is brilliant.

Introducing HCG into the body alongside a reduced calorie diet tricks the body to draw on its fat reserves to make up for the shortfall in the food intake. The fat reserves that it calls upon are typically those hard to shift fat reserves around the waist, the belly, thighs and upper arms.

Importantly, during this process, the body is also tricked into resetting its metabolism at a new higher level – so helping the body to sustain its new leaner form even after the diet!

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